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First Time Ever


Patented & FDA cleared
  • Digital Ausculation with ECG
  • 3-LEAD ECG
  • Cardiac Function
  • Cloud EMR
  • Diagnose in Seconds
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Smart Telemedicine Platform
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Smart Telemedicine Process



Rijuven (India) is a Social Entrepreneur company introducing life changing SMART TELEMEDICINE concept in India in collaboration with Rijuven (USA) with a mission to transform and revolutionize health care through innovative medical products that will have a world impact. This will be a quantum leap to ‘Serve the Underserved’ and make inaccessible technology accessible at any point of care.

Our Vision

“Compassion first, Commercial second”
Create a healthy Society through our innovative and affordable medical products with focus on the underserved.

Our Goal

To create a vibrant access point for preventive healthcare delivery to the underserved, even in obscure parts of the world through our innovative Smart Telemedicine concept.

Our Mission

“Serve the Underserved in Healthcare”

To make “Rijuven (India)” a one stop destination for innovative healthcare products. Our intent is to make healthcare delivery convenient and motivate the underserved populace to take up a healthier lifestyle. Our service content is to serve patients by empowering them with affordable state of the art preventive healthcare. Our focus is to create a common telemedicine platform for every healthcare stakeholder for promoting their services, sharing best practices, exchanging knowledge and information and also empowering the quality of healthcare in the rural spectrum. We therefore aim at creating a robust and comprehensive telemedicine marketplace in both private and public continuum atmospheres to guide patients through complex healthcare systems of countries with underserved healthcare delivery systems. Our service delivery is pivoted through our innovative telemedicine products wherein our application is on authentic quality healthcare with international standards. Through our telemedicine platforms we customize healthcare delivery for every healthcare stakeholder in the industry including patients at the grass-root level.

Our Core Values


We have faith in a transparency to perform in our delivery systems. Knowledge imbibed with honesty, commitment and dedication is key to our relationship of trust and faith with every stakeholder in the industry including the patient. We follow every rule and every ethic in the industry by the golden standard to honor our commitment and take accountability for our actions.


We believe that our deliveries should be marked by excellence, leadership and direction at every level. Our focus on excellence is to constantly emulate the industry standard, set new standards and create value for our clients and for ourselves in the healthcare spectrum.


We believe in quality for performance, our quality means transforming mundane healthcare delivery systems to a robust mechanism for benefit of the patient. We measure our quality by comparing our delivery with the best in the world and the best in the industry.


Our medical devices have to be useful to anyone, anywhere. They must be built with clinician, patient and point of care in mind. Our innovations are built to impact all of humanity, from preventive medicine to emergency situations; in healthcare facilities and homes; for medical professionals to help patients around the world in
any environment.

Team work

We at Rijuven (India) believe in the ‘we’ factor more than the ‘I’ factor to create our ‘X’ factor. We have faith in the mechanism of a perfectly co-ordinated team delivery to impress our clients perpetually. Only a robust team can create a robust clientele and we strive to maintain that principle throughout our journey.


Our medical devices are designed to be simple to use, at any point of care. We design devices that are mobile, fit in the palm of the hand, are lightweight and elegant.

Our Team


Dr. Raj Kapoor, MD,FCCP

A Pulmonary/Critical Care specialist by training, Dr. Kapoor is also Board Certified in Sleep Medicine. He is a Fellow American College of Chest Physicians and a Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is the former Chair Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Passavant and was appointed Professor of Yoga and Meditation,Hindu University of America, Florida, USA.

Evens Augustin, BS, MBA

A Mechanical & Biomedical Engineer from Carnegie Mellon University and Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh. An entrepreneur with a practical interest in technology businesses, he co-founded a consumer health and wellness company offering better living through better sleep. He has a comprehensive background in E-commerce, Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Dr. Neil Niren, MD.

Honorary CAO

A Dermatologist,his research includes Atherosclerosis,   Skin Cancer , Steroid synthesis, Antibiotic synthesis and Delayed Bio-luminescence.

Dr. Joon Sup Lee, MD.

Honorary CAO

Dr. Lee serves as the Co-Director of the UPMC Heart & Vascular Institute, Chief in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Dr. Bernard Harris Jr.,

A Physician and a veteran Astronaut at NASA for over 18 years, he has logged more than 438 hours and traveled over 7.2 million miles in space.

Dale J. Misczynski

Honorary CAO

President and CEO Monebo Technology with 34 years experience in Motorola’s wireless communications and semiconductor business.

Prof. Lakshman Tamil

Honorary CAO

Dr. Tamil was the Founder, CEO and CTO of Yotta Networks Inc., which designed and marketed terabit-switching platforms. He has also directed research on advanced optical networks at Alcatel's Corporate Research Center, and he was a leader in creating both the optical IP router and a multichannel, multipoint distribution service that was a precursor to WiMAX. He has been an optical and wireless communication consultant to the Naval Research Laboratories, Raytheon Co., Electrospace Systems Inc. and others.

Justin Bass

Mr. Bass holds a BS degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Business Administration with a concentration in Graphic Media Management.


A world famous Zoologist, has been instrumental in revolutionizing freshwater aquaculture in India through composite fish culture and fish seed production. He is the Founder-National Director of CIFA and Founder-Vice Chancellor of CIFE. Has over 120 scientific contributions published in national and international journals and authored many books published in the U.K. and India. His contributions have been recognized by a string of national and international awards including Lal Bhadur Shastri Award (1989) and the Millennium Plaque of Honour of ISCA (2008).

Balaji Lanka

A Mechanical Engineer and an IT professional having 30 years experience in the industry. President of Infoyuga Technologies Inc., since 2007 and founded Rijuven (India), to 'Serve the Underserved' in healthcare.

Dr.Niranjan VS Moturi

A Dental Surgeon with 22 years’ experience in India and U.K, specializing in Implantology and Oral Surgery. Actively involved in Village Adoption, Smart Village programs and digitalization of Health data.

Arun Kant

Mr. Arun Kant is a Physicist and an Engineer from IIT Delhi (1972) having over 40 years of vast experience in various strategic leadership roles in Marketing and Sales.


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